Products and Services


The prints are very strong, with a bold and vibrant use of colour. The images are sometimes quite abstract allowing the viewer’s mind to visualise it’s own conclusion. They are created using a number of different handcrafting techniques that have been used by artists throughout time.

Ceramic Wall Plaques

It’s a pleasure for Kay to use one of the Earth’s natural resources to create artistic forms. The timely techniques used for the inscription and surface decoration of the clay plaques gives them a naturally aged look and make the images shine in unexpected ways in the light of day, as well as in the darkness of night. The plaques are hand-made, using time-consuming techniques that are ancient but work excellently with clay as a medium.

Ceramic Bowls

The bowls are hand made on a potters wheel, from a mould or free hand and then glazed using a variety of techniques, allowing each piece to acquire uniqueness of decoration. Each piece is the only one of it’s kind.

Commissions in Ceramic and Print

Creating art to a design brief can sometimes be a timely process because customised works of art need to be delivered to a high standard that suits the buyer as well as the artist. However, Kay’s experience has proved that collaboration with buyers brings refreshing new perspectives to her work and she takes commissioned work in clay as well as print.


Kay enjoys working on large-scale projects, specialising in foyers and entrances. Kay brings a young, new and contemporary design style to this type of work, using a fusion of classical fine art forms with traditional craft skills. For this purpose, Kay has worked on short projects in the construction industry, acquiring knowledge of the skills needed, as well as the health and safety qualifications that enable herself and her team to work within the construction industry to install commissioned pieces.

Creative Workshops / Teaching

Kay enjoys passing on her skills to others and enjoys creativity within groups. Kay comes from a line of experts in education, Kay has achieved skills that allow her to teach and assist artistic or creative workshops in private or in schools. Kay also offers therapeutic and team-building workshops for the corporate sector.

Kay feels it’s great to be able to share her artistic concepts with others and she welcomes people to the experience.